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Video Contest

Welcome to the 2014 Train Mountain Promotional Video Contest!

For over 30 years “Live Steamers” have made the journey to Chiloquin, Oregon for fun railroading action with their friends and family at Over The Hill Live Steamers
(now Klamath & Western) and Train Mountain.

When we gather, many bring cameras to record memories of those good times. Some record video. Often times, those videos and pictures get tucked away never to be seen again. Now is the time to dig out those tapes, DVD’s, memory cards, stone tablets, external hard drives or whatever other archival source you may have.

Extract that video footage and photos from your visit. Whether you shot the video this year, last year, or twenty years ago, it doesn’t matter. Pull out those precious memories and take some time using your favorite video editing software to create your very own promotional video for Train Mountain. Put that footage to good use encouraging others to make that initial trek to visit the place many have come to know and love.

For your time and effort, you will help Train Mountain acquire videos for use on the official Train Mountain YouTube channel. You will also become eligible to win membership, meet attendance, and registration to the 2015 Triennial! The only way we can keep this precious resource is to share it with others, both inside and outside our hobby community.
We need your help!

All questions related to the video contest should be emailed to: